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Feb 2020 Product

The Ultimate Multi Level Marketing Secrets

The Ultimate Multi Level Marketing Secrets

The World Wide Web has truly pervaded all aspects of human existence. Everything and everyone is going online now, and the move towards a totally connected world is not “if” anymore, it’s “when”.  
Statistics show that up to 85% of the people who spend time online also purchase online. If you take the North American continent alone where more than 75% of the population have a broadband Internet connection at home, even if a fraction of these people buy online, it is still a huge market. 
Online purchasing is also seeing tremendous growth and many companies are projecting a doubling of volume in just three years. If you take PayPal as a case in point, they have gone from $2 billion in payment volumes in 2002 to $16 billion in 2009 with revenues crossing $2.4 billion. 
Chapter 1  Increase Traffic to Your Website  3 
Chapter 2 Web Content  4 
Chapter 3 Don't Send Newsletters  6 
Chapter 4 Become a Community Member  7 
Chapter 5 Get Experts to Write Articles  8 
Chapter 6 Use Tracking Software  9 
Chapter 7 Use of Keyword Tools  9 
Chapter 8 Copy Others  11 
Chapter 9 Focus on the Popular Portions of Your Site  11 
Chapter 10 Give Freebies  13 
Chapter 11 Advertise!   13 
Chapter 12 Build a Brand  15 
Chapter 13 The Right Software is Essential  16 
Chapter 14 Optimize Content   17 
Chapter 15 Meta-tags   19 
Chapter 16 Blog…  20 
Chapter 17 Hold-off on Comments  21 
Chapter 18 Have a Sitemap  22 
Chapter 19 High Traffic Days!  24 
Chapter 20 Use Online Communities  25 
Chapter 21 Be Patient…  26 
Chapter 22 Be Nice  28 
Chapter 23 Conclusion  29 
Get Listed on the First Page of Google in a Matter of Hours!
What is any one website owner’s goal? To bring ‘in’ a steady stream of good targeted traffic and generate an income. The answer is simple so why is it so hard? The truth is it’s not hard at all you just have to incorporate the right methods of traffic generation. Simply getting your website indexed on Google and Yahoo is just not enough these days, we need to take it one step further and use some cast iron techniques to get the traffic. Well now you can get listed on Google in a matter of hours!! By using the traffic techniques below you will most certainly be hauling in traffic by the truck load.
• Important SEO traffic generation tips you should know about
• How to get traffic from social media sites
• Essential tips on getting traffic using article marketing
• Fast tips on generating traffic using PPC
• How to get free traffic from blogs
• The ‘must’ traffic generation tactics for maximum traffic
• How to grab explosive traffic to your websites
• And much much more
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