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The Fundamentals Of Successful Sales People

The Fundamentals Of Successful Sales People

You are thinking of entering the world of sales you may want to research this subject in depth. While it seems that some people are born to be sales people, others are not.
Is it possible to learn how to become successful sales person or are you just barking up the wrong tree?
This ebook will discuss the fundamentals of what it takes to become successful at sales. You can then decide for yourself if this is an area you what to pursue further and excel at. Are you ready to be viewed as the next rainmaker in your company?
Introduction 3
Becoming a Rainmaker 4
Exercises for Becoming a Rainmaker 7
The Traits of a Successful Sales Person 9
Exercises for Successful Traits 11
Dressing for Success 13
Dressing for Success Exercises 13
Your Body Language 15
Body Language Exercises 16
Your Sales Presentation 17
Delivering Your Presentation 17
Presentation Exercises 19
Learn to Ask the Right Questions 21
Learn to Ask the Right Questions Exercises 22
Attracting Clients 24
Attracting Clients Exercises 25
Learn to Read People 27
Learning to Read People Exercises 28
Best Practices 29
Exercises for Best Practices 32
Conclusion 33
You may have heard the term 'rainmaker' associated with sales people. This is the term given to a person who brings in a ton of new business for their company.
They seem do to this in an effortless way, and others just can't seem to put their finger on why they are having so much success.
A rainmaker will o[en be a key figure in a company and is more than just a salesperson. They are o[en an executive in the company and are held in high regard.
It is this 'rainmaker' association that many new sales people hope to achieve. It is absolutely possible to do so, but you will need to fine tune your skills and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard.
There are certain habits that successful rainmakers possess and we will look at these in more detail below.
a. A rainmaker will treat their clients and customers as though they are their most valuable asset. Repeat business is going to help them achieve sales records and can be used as a referral method. What better way to get new clients than by being able to show them satisfied customers who keep coming back for more?
A successful rainmaker will make )me to take their clients out to lunch and to keep in contact with them. This can be done via email, follow up phone calls and via social media. Simply post a thank you message on their business page or wall.
Helping their clients celebrate their own successes is another trait of a great or upcoming rainmaker. If your company is holding an appreciation luncheon then invite both your existing clients and your prospective ones. This way they can mingle and promote your talents and praises without realizing they are doing so.
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