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The Complete Blog And Ping Tutorial

The Complete Blog And Ping Tutorial

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.  
Ok, so what about pinging? Originally, a ping was a program that bounced a request off of another computer/server over a network or the Internet to see if the remote computer was responding. That same program is now used as a method of informing others that your blog exists and also let’s them know when a new post has been made. 
Table of Contents 
Just What Is Blogging and Pinging???
Why Is Blogging and Pinging The Newest Marketing Tool?
What Do The Spiders See?
Simple Steps Lead to Big Results
Chapter 1: Creating Your Blog
Step1: Go To
Step 2: Create an Account
Step 3: Naming Your Blog
Step 4: Choosing a Template18 Step 5: Creating a Test Post
Chapter 2 – Making Your Blog Settings Count
Why Settings Matter 
Step 1: The Settings Tab
Step 2: Settings – Publishing Tab
Step 3: Settings – Formatting Tab
Step 4: Settings – Comments Tab
Step 5: Settings – Archiving Tab
Step 6: Settings – Site Feed Tab
Step 7: Republish
Chapter 3: Creating a Yahoo Account
Why A Yahoo Account Is Needed
Step 1: Create Your Yahoo ID and Password
Step 2: Security, Customization, Verification, and Terms of Service
Chapter 4 – Yahoo and Your Blog RSS Feed
What Is An RSS Feed?
Why Use the Yahoo RSS Feed?
Subscribing to Your Blog
Chapter 5 – Blog This!
What is BlogThis!?
Installing BlogThis!
Using BlogThis!
Chapter 6: Pinging Yahoo
Pinging – The Next Step
Step 1: Changing the Code
Step 2: Creating a Yahoo Ping
Chapter 7: Pinging Other Search Engines
Creating a Technorati Ping
Using Ping-O-Matic
How Do You Know If It Is Working?
Chapter 8: Using Business Blogs Instead of Websites
Blogs Vs. Websites For Small Business
Your Business Blog’s Name and URL Matter
Finding the Right Key Words
Choosing a Title
Creating a URL That Works
Your Business Blog’s Content
Pinging Your Business Blog
Chapter 9: Tips and Tricks
Tips For Blog and Ping Blogs
Tips and Trick for Business Blogs
Changes to Your Business Blog Template
Change Editor
Adding Links
Change About Me
Changes to Your Business Blog Settings
Appendix 1 - Blogging Submission Sites
Appendix 2 – Weblog Providers
Appendix 3 – Photo Blog Software 
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