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Oct 2020 Product

Private Label Money Machine

Private Label Money Machine

Welcome to the latest and most effective PLR Training Guide designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Private Label Right’s content in behalf of your offline or online business success. 
This complete and high-quality training guide will surely help you to learn exactly what you need to know about PLR and why it is such an amazing shortcut for any offline and online business, including yours, in order for its product or services to stand out from the crowd.
Table of Contents 
Introduction 5 
Chapter I: What is a PLR? 6 
          Definition 6 
          Rights Explained 7 
Chapter II: Why PLR? 8 
          Low Cost 9 
          Time Saving 10 
          Guaranteed Talent 11 
          Millions of Businesses and Marketers Need it 12 
          Extremely Hot Topic 13 
Chapter III: Different ways to use PLR Content 14 
          12 Awesome uses for Offline Marketers 14 
          12 Awesome uses for Online Marketers 15 
          5 Awesome uses for Businesses 17 
          PLR Content Checklist 18 
Chapter IV: My 7 Steps Secret Formula to PLR Success 21 
          Step 1: Research for a Highly Profitable Niche 21  
Page 3 - The Difference is Quality 
          Step 2: Collect High Quality PLR Material 23 
          Step 3: Rewrite some key sections inside the material 27 
          Step 4: Add more content into the product 30 
          Step 5: Organize the sales funnel 31 
          Step 6: Set Up the Sales Funnel 36 
          Step 7: Advertise your Product 62 
Chapter V: Track your Success 69 
          What is Tracking? 69 
          Why is Tracking important? 70 
          Tracking Tools 71 
Conclusion 75 
Resources 76 
You will be able to learn amazing ways PLR can be used by offline marketers and online marketers, as well as for businesses. You will be amazed at all of the high quality marketing activities you can achieve with PLR content. I will even give you access to my 7 Steps Secret Formula to PLR Success, using one of the most effective methods to make great money over the Web with PLR 
content. In these steps I will cover in detail all about researching a hot topic, collecting high quality PLR material, how to properly rewrite PLR content, as well as how to make your product a lot more unique. I will even show you how to set up a Killer Sales Funnel with PLR Content, the exact same sales funnel that even the gurus are using. You will even know how - The Difference is Quality to advertise your product and find out the huge benefits that come with tracking your success. I know you will love this training guide very much. 
Master Resell Rights License
[YES] Can sell and keep 100% of the sales
[YES] Can edit the sales letter and graphics
[YES] Can be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
[YES] Can be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
[YES] Can be added into a membership site
[YES] Can pass on the Resell Rights privilege to your customers
[YES] Can pass on the Master Resell Rights privilege to your customers
[YES] Can be given away for free
[NO] Contents of the product can be edited, modified or altered
[NO] CANNOT be sold with private label rights
No Liability
Under no circumstances will the product creator, programmer or any of the distributors of this product, or any distributors, be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special,incidental, or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this product This product is provided "as is" and without warranties.

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