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Oct 2020 Product

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

Affirmations and positive thinking work by drawing in energy and focusing it with the subconscious to bring about change. I strongly think this and we have limitless power to alter the world around us, to produce the life we wish, to draw toward us positive and advantageous events, experiences and individuals. Similarly, we may also draw toward us damaging destructive events, experiences and individuals. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. Get all the info you need here.
A lot of us use a negative affirmation like ‘ I'm fat and unattractive’, ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’, ‘I can't become famous,’ ‘I'm a failure’, ‘I’m plagued by misfortune’, ‘I’ll never be happy’. These damaging thoughts start to infiltrate our subconscious minds and get to be a reality. A lot of the difficulties in our lives come from our damaging beliefs about other people and ourselves.  
Today is the time to shift all that, as you start utilizing positive thinking and making positive affirmations. Affirmations may be a major tool in absorbing towards you favorable changes in your life, whether it be in the form of personal shifts or bringing new individuals, things and situations into your life story.   
Affirmations are really potent tools, so powerful as a matter of fact that they could seem to be magic. As a matter of fact, they are a sort of Magic. When you do affirmations, you're in effect sending out to the Universe a announcement or command. And although it might seem that only you're hearing the words, this isn't so. These words go out to the Universe. This is the Law of Attraction. 
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