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Diet Plans Exposed

Diet Plans Exposed

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Marketers are promoting the sale of diet products from the latest fad diet to consumers at an alarming rate. (Source: ABC News) 
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that in the past 20 years, obesity rates have dramatically increased in the United Sates. It’s estimated that more than one-third of U.S. adults (34.9%) and approximately 17% (or 12.7 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years have obesity.  
That’s only the tip of the alarming statistics.  • It’s estimated that 50% of American adults are dieting at any given time.  • Roughly half of American adults are trying to lose or maintain their weight. • An estimated 108 million American adults were dieting in 2012. • The average American adult tries to implement a fad diet 4 times per year. • Within two weeks, 25% of Americans will have given up on their weight loss goals. • The U.S. weight loss market is now almost evenly split in dollar terms between weight loss products and services -- products account for an estimated 49.3% of the total in 2013 ($29.8 billion), and services account for 50.7% ($30.7 billion). The total market value fell 1.2% last year to $60.5 billion and is expected to grow only 1.2% this year. (Source: Market Data Enterprises) 
As these numbers show, obesity rates are reaching epidemic proportions. Many industrialized nations lead a sedentary lifestyle that only encourages weight gain. More and more people are following some type of diet plan than ever before. Often times these diets are the latest fad.  
Fad diets are often chosen because they seem to work and work fast. They can help you lose weight the same as any type of diet can.  
Whether you are choosing to follow the latest fad diet like the grapefruit diet or one of the more popular diet plans like the low carb craze, you should be aware of the facts before you begin.    
What is a Diet Fad? 
Before we get to the different types of diets, we should talk about what a diet fad is. If you are ready to begin losing weight you need to know the difference in the types of diets. 
The definition of a fad diet is subjective. It depends on who you are asking, really. There are many people who use the term fad diet as a way to ridicule what they think is a poor way to lose weight. 
Others believe that a fad diet is simply a way to lose weight that’s quickly become popular and often falls out of favor just as quickly. 
Fad diets are basically marketed as a quick way to lose weight. They tend to change from year to year but the promises marketers make don’t change. 
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