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Jan 2021 Product

Business Financing

Business Financing

Bloomberg is, in their own words, "... a global information and technology company." The influential and respected conglomerate is constantly researching business trends for information on how to help small-cap, medium-sized and large businesses succeed. Bloomberg reports on its website that 8 of every 10 businesses fail, most of them in their first 18 months of existence. While many reasons exist for most businesses in various industries not surviving more than 1.5 years, the #1 reason Bloomberg found for business failure was lack of sufficient capital. 
There are other causes of business collapse. If you have a poor idea of what your customer is really thinking, you don't differentiate yourself from other businesses similar to yours and suffer from poor leadership, your business is probably doomed to failure. When you look at those very valid reasons for business failure, you see they can all be overcome. You can perform or pay for market research that tells you what is on the minds of your customers. You can create a unique value proposition. You can overcome important leadership by replacing ineffective managers.  
However, you can't do those things when you don't have enough capital in the corporate coffers to weather those and other businesses-killing storms. 
You can get past many common business problems when you have enough startup capital to launch your business. It is going to take a while to establish a presence in your industry. You can't reasonably expect to have a grand opening today and have your company become a business buzzword tomorrow. Most venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs that are good at what they do will tell you that you need at least 3 to 5 years of operating capital before you start your business. This gives you a 
solid chance at developing a business that can make it through early growing pains and establish a foothold in your desired market. 
This report will help you find that startup capital.  
If you have an idea for a small business, this is a great time to shake off the shackles of employment and become your own boss. In the early 21st century, unique and innovative funding mechanisms have been created for business owners seeking startup capital. Combined with the global reach of the Internet and traditional funding sources, it is hard to imagine a better time for the cash-poor entrepreneur to find the required money to launch a business. 
10 Dos and Don'ts of Financing Your Small Business
Traditional and Non-Traditional Ways to Finance a Small Business
Traditional Bank Loans
Asset Relocation, AKA Selling Your Stuff
Get a Job on the Side
PayPal Working Capital
Venture Capital Funding
Your 401K or Retirement Plan
Financing Your Business with Your Credit Cards
Family and Friends, Coworkers
Top 10 Tips for Financing Your Small Business or Startup
In Financing Your Small Business or Startup, you will learn important Dos and Don'ts of financing your small business. These are the best practices and business mistakes other entrepreneurs have discovered along their paths to success or failure. You will also find specific avenues for using your current resources to create the capital you need, as well as sources of venture capital and investors. The report closes out with a Top 10 checklist that provides a quick reference to important small business funding tips you are about to receive.
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