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Feb 2019 Product

365 Marketing Tips

Marketing 365

Marketing on a daily basis is a very important aspect of building, growing, and maintaining a successful business. While you may have favorite strategies and techniques, it’s a good idea to use a variety of marketing methods. These 365 marketing tips can help you broaden your scope and reach more of your target market.  
Affiliate Marketing  
1. Building relationships is important for affiliate marketers because you’ll build trust with your audience. People buy from those they trust.  
2. Focus on building relationships first. Strong relationships often lead to affiliate marketing success due to the “know, like, trust principle.”  
3. Build traffic that counts so that you have more ready to buy eyes on your products. To do this you must understand your audience and target them.  
4. Affiliate marketers who promote products they have tried and used are more successful. At the very least, ensure you’ve familiarized yourself with the product creator so you know their product is good and their customer service is top notch.   
5. When you are particular about the products you promote, you build trust with your audience. If your buyers have positive experiences, they’ll take your advice again.   
6. Don’t burn bridges. If a product is not as good as you thought it would be, go through the proper channels to let the creator know. Avoid “slamming” the product in a negative post.  
7. The products you choose to promote should solve a problem for your target audience. If they don’t serve your audience, you should not be promoting them. Be picky.   
8. Understand how much money your target audience can spend on products and services. If you promote things they can’t afford they’ll never buy.   
9. Understand when your audience is ready to buy. For example, if your audience consists of parents they’re likely not in the buying mood during back-to-school times or during Christmas time.   
10. Promote products that your audience will enjoy and use. Try using different price points to discover what the best price range is for your audience and for your business.
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